"The Family and Friends of Jacob Miller"
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Greetings Family and Friends!

Can you believe it's that time of year again, time for the annual Miller Reunion? As usual our president, will make the welcome speech and this will begin a fun filled day of music, fellowship, and food! There are plans to have games for both the adults and children. Make plans to take part in all of these fun things this year!

When arriving please remember to sign your name at the register book with your full address and fill out your name tag.

We have added the Miller Family history, please try to get your family history updated, you can use our contact page for instructions on where to send your updated history too. You can also get a form at the reunion and fill it out and give it to Wayne Miller.

I also want to mention that a lot of people seem to leave after lunch. I would like to encourage you not to do so, a lot happens in the afternoon, like fellowship, music and games. The afternoon is when you really have the time to visit and enjoy catching up with family and friends. So please stay as long as you can. If people continue to leave the reunion early, it will slowly begin to die and we want to keep the Miller Reunion going on for generations.

Remember: Comerís Grove, 1509 Charley Ballard Rd. Lindside WV, 24951. Whether youíre kin or just a friend we hope to see you there!! If you need more details or directions, motel accommodations, or anything else, feel free to Contact Us.

  1. The program starts at 10:30 am, entertainment all day. We have an open stage at the Miller Reunion, if you would like to sing, play music or read something special, please feel free to do so. This is a day of entertainment for all!

  2. Lunch is around 12:30, so bring a picnic basket and join us at the tables, which are inside our nice cool building.

  3. There is no trash pickup at the grounds so please bring garbage bags for your trash. We want to leave the grounds as clean as we found them. Remember the grounds are owned by the Rock Camp / Wikel Ruritan and they have done a fantastic job of making the grounds a lovely place to have a special day such as this.

  4. Bring folding chairs as seating is limited.

  5. Please sign the register and fill out a name tag explaining what relation you are to the Jacob Miller Family, or if you are just a friend.

  6. We'll have a memorabilia table set up. We urge you to bring any old photographs, albums, curios, documents, or other items of interest to Miller folks. It is important that you attach to each item, especially photos, an adequate description to satisfy curiosity of what it is all about. Please identify as many people in your photographs as possible.

  7. Cameras are almost as essential at a reunion as food!!! DONíT FORGET THEM!!

  8. An additional item we would like to encourage all branches of our family to bring each year is a family history update. If you cannot bring one with you we will have forms at the Reunion you can pick up and fill out. Or you can Contact Us if you'd prefer to Email or Mail it. Please, this is very important!!!

If you have anyfurther questions please visit our Contact Us page.

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